Allay is an venture backed technology company based in San Fransisco and Vancouver, BC, that is transforming how healthcare is financed and delivered.

Our mission is to attack a big problem, improving access and affordability of healthcare in the United States. The rising cost of healthcare and misaligned incentives in the status quo way of purchasing healthcare is the greatest financial threat to the US economy and the number one contributor to wage stagnation. We feel this is a problem worth solving, and we need smart, passionate people to help us solve it.

Allay is a technology platform built by software engineers, designers, healthcare experts, and insurance experts in order to help benefit consultant partners achieve major cost reductions for their clients while spending half the time and money to get there.

  • We value output, not just punching a clock

  • Top of the line Macbooks for our technical members

  • We’re a well-funded startup, with paying customers, a huge market and we’re tackling a very big problem

  • We have games nights

  • Our Vancouver office is close to the Skytrain, Seabus and is very bike friendly

  • We regularly go hiking